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Public Relations uses the influential power of print, broadcast and on-line editorial to help organisations and individuals to position themselves with target audiences including the media, purchasers and investors. 

Good design and marketing will get you noticed, but combined with an integrated public relations strategy, your products and services will not only be recognised, but also desirable. An effective PR campaign will help to influence opinion and generate endorsement and goodwill towards a company and its offering with target audiences. 

PR will ensure that your business vision is clearly defined and promoted, and that your brand's exposure is maximised throughout any marketing programme. 

The division has the ability to generate headline media coverage in the UK and internationally. PR material is of the highest written, researched and visual quality and can be provided in any language. 

The PR team can provide fully integrated communications using the groups digital, visual and design services to create stunning press material of the highest quality for presentation to influential journalists and editors and other professionals working in the media. 

  • Corporate PR

  • International PR 

  • Site specific PR 

  • Consumer PR

  • Crisis PR 

  • Media relations 

  • Devising communications strategy and implementation 

  • Launch or repositioning of a brand or service PR 

  • Digital PR including info-graphic and link-building expertise 

  • PR-led events

  • Writing material; organising imagery; research and info-graphics for briefing the media 

  • Organising editor and journalist briefings 

  • Media training 

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